Sunday, 10 May 2009

postcard options

so i think ive narrowed the options for my postcard (which will be available in the exhibition) down to these four images. Im pleased we went for a black background it makes the pieces look really rich.


  1. these are looking amazing =^_^=
    is the lone mouse made of lace and plaster pushed into the alginate mold?
    oh, just though, it's a good job real rabbits don't have jewlary for guts, 'cause people would be hunting them down and crackin' them open! a more challenging and morbid kind of pinyata... though may sister points out it should be okay 'cause they'd bread like rabbits!

  2. its poor ole murdoch! its lace dipped into slip and arranged into a plaster mould.

    but which should be my postcard??!?

  3. oh! i miss-read it! i thought you were having four cards... ummmm... don't make me pick!
    okay... if i have to.. i think the rabit 'cause it's showing off both aspects of you work. also i have just had a play with it in ps, try this
    * open it in ps.
    * top left hand corner click 'image'
    * hover over 'adjustments' so you get the pop out list
    * click on 'brightness/contrast', a box will appear
    * set 'brightness' to -4 and 'contrast' to +38
    i've tryed combinations of the things you can do from the 'adjustments' menu and i think this is the most dramatic without being too dark to see it propaly *le shrug*
    le'me know!

  4. just thought! £9.99 for 100 of them! they're all tiny and cute and you can have any number of different designs... i sound like an advert, don't i... *hangs head in shame*

  5. use the broken rabbit - he's the best.